Get insights on Twitter sentiment for all crypto coins

We track news and social media posts on Reddit, Twitter, and other networks such as Slack and Telegram. We analyze the sentiment of the posts and comments and give you a continuous feed of interesting content to read. Our target audience is cryptocurrency traders, investors and journalists.

Get insights on Twitter sentiment for all crypto coins combined. Market sentiment analysis is losing relevance in this quick moving world of cryptocurrencies. By combining social media sentiments, our technology paints a 360 degrees picture of the overall market.

Unlike other news sources it is intended to be used by traders to succeed in the cryptocurrency markets.

Platforms intends to play a critical role in the cryptocurrency information systems of the future.

News is everywhere now. With media outlets battling for the best stories, it’s difficult to know which ones are true, which are not, and which are just trying to sell ads.   We use machine learning to filter out the social media posts that are just promotional or spam to improve the signal to noise ratio.